We create social robots for health care, focusing on challenges where behavioral change is key to success.

Our technology is built on years of research in human-robot interaction to create products that target the growing home health care industry. The first product we are launching is Autom™, a weight loss coach that has been shown to greatly increase a dieter's chance of success.

Our technology allows a robot to engage a user, create a relationship, and manage that relationship over time, thereby greatly advancing the potential uses for consumer robotics products. We are positioned to enter the market with the first product of its kind, making Intuitive Automata a leader in socially interactive robots for health applications.

Our company is built on the years of human-robot interaction research conducted by our founder and CEO Cory D. Kidd, Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab. Some of his early studies directly compared the effects of interacting with a robot versus an animated character on the screen. These studies showed that people were more engaged by a robot and when they got information from a robot or an animated character, consistently found a robot to be more informative and more credible.

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Cory Kidd, Ph.D. | CEO and founder
Cory holds a Ph.D. in human-robot interaction from the MIT Media Lab and is a leading practitioner in the field. His extensive experience in human-robot interaction and developing novel technology for healthcare applications for the last 10 years is a key to Intuitive Automata's success.

Bill McCord | Chief Technology Officer and founder
Bill is a former software development manager with years of experience designing, building, and managing the software development lifecycle. His expertise in developing software architecture and leading effective development teams helps us to efficiently develop high-quality software to make our robots highly interactive.